All people encounter conflict in their personal and professional life. Dr. Frame delivers powerful tips and techniques to deal with it. His best selling book, Don’t Carve the Turkey with a Chainsaw: Resolving Family Conflict has won four book awards in 2012. He has provided hundreds of presentations across the US for businesses, state and national associations, universities, governmental agencies, schools, and churches. Dr. Frame was one of the first people certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Mediator, and is a past President of the Florida Society of Psychotherapists.  He now presents workshops across the US and provides individual and organizational consultation.Check out his recent TV interview with Denise Plante on Channel 9, Denver.

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Conflict Resolution

We all encounter conflict in our life. Couples struggle to help their partner see their “enlightened” viewpoint. At work, we encounter people who cut us off, or push their agenda without considering other viewpoints. Some people are persuaded by facts while other are more intuitive.  Some people thrive in developing The Big Picture while others are more detail oriented.    Learning how to persuade others and deal with conflict may be the difference between success and failure. Sign up for Dr. Frame’s free monthly newsletter to learn more, or order his book, and arrange for a presentation to your organization.

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Classroom Behavior Management

Teachers report that classroom management and disruptive students are the two most significant barriers to professional success. Yet many teachers tell me that their college preparation courses neglect this crucial aspect of teaching. Some say that their professors told them that stimulating course content will prevent any classroom discipline problems. While stimulating class content may prevent many classroom behavior problems K-12 teachers frequently have students in their class who formerly would be excluded from school or placed in a self-contained class. In addition, children are frequently distracted by family and community challenges, such as divorce or abuse, which impairs their classroom functioning. What can teachers do without becoming full time counselors?

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We know that bullying is destructive to the mental health of the victims. What is less well known is that it is also destructive for the bullies. Olweus, (1993), found that bullies, as adults, are five times more likely to become criminals as non-bullies. Eron, Huesmann, Dubow, Romanoff, & Yarnel, (1987) found that bullies had a 25% chance of having a criminal record by age 30. We also know that some bullies are also bullied. Bullying is not just name calling and physical abuse, it can include cyberbullying, and excluding others. Bullying does not disappear when we leave school. Frequently it continues into the workplace and home. So what do we do about it…

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The Conflict Whisperer Retires

This is my last blog as The Conflict Whisperer.  I am retiring and my website will close in a few months when the hosting agreement expires.  Many years ago, during the ten years when I was in private practice, I used the logo of a phoenix with a banner underneath saying “New Life Emerging.”  As I enter a new phase of my life, I look forward to my new life emerging.  I have begun to nurture a long held interest in photography.  I may try my hand at golf, which I never had time to pursue.  I will sleep a little later.  I may explore why cable companies have so little competition that they can make a profit while providing lousy customer service and overcharging.  I’m told that there is a state law here in Colorado that restricts competition, so I may create some conflict in the interest of resolving conflicts that are not being addressed.  (Let me know if you want to join in – Rogerframe2@gmail.com)  In short, I will spend time doing those things that ignite my passion.  Thank you for indulgence over the years.

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